Welcome to October Sky Designs a HQ design site by Mel, a talented girl with more than seven years experience behind her. I specialise mainly in Wordpress and Coppermine themes but also design for a variety of other scripts and projects. I am cosntantly changing my style in order to ensure every layout I create is unique and a standout. So what are you waiting for order today!
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August 10, 2013

I have added 7 new designs to the portfolio.

Portfolio Links:
- WordPress Themes > Female Celebrities
- WordPress Media Themes > Female Celebrities
- CPG Themes > Female Celebrities
- IPB Themes > Miscellaneous
- WSN Links Themes > Miscellaneous

As you can see by the IPB and WSN LInks I sometimes do designs for projects I don’t advertise, the reason I don’t offer them as packages is so I don’t get inundated with those orders as they are time  consuming.  However I am willing to do them should you wish you only need contact me and I’ll let you know price and it I am available to do them.

March 27, 2013

I have added four new designs, 3 of which are WordPress and the other 1 a Coppermine.

Gallery Links:
- WordPress Themes > Female Celebrities
- WordPress Themes > Male Celebrities
- Coppermine Gallery Themes > Male Celebrities

March 26, 2013

So I have had some MAJOR email issues, so if your waiting on replies this is why.  It’s been glitching,aka not showing new emails, I’d have to search for them, very frustrating and then today my whole inbox is gone, I have a feeling my Mac Mail has just temporarily gone bonkers.  Regardless, if you sent an email to me or and order and I haven’t replied please send it in again.

December 09, 2012

Hi everyone!  Long time no see.  Been super busy and I thought it was best to just take a hiatus.  Orders are now re-opened so go ahead and place an order.  I have also changed domain, not name, just the extension.  I managed to get a hold of octobersky.net and I have switched to it as the main domain, you can still access the site via octobersky.us I will renew it for one more year and then I’ll let it go.  So please visit the site at the new domain would be much appreciated.

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