Well I really should say welcome back again.

For those who know me you know why I closed my design site down.  But for those who don’t, here’s the run down.  I had ALOT of fansites – well ‘alot’ in my terms, I say 10 sites is alot, to some thats miniscule.  But it was enough to take over my life and become an unhealthy addiction.  So around August in 2016 I quit cold turkey and shut everything down.  It was the best decision I ever made.  It really put things into perspective for me, so much so that I was able to distinguish between the celebs I adored (and had a site on) and those that were merely a passing fancy.  So when I dipped my feet back into fansites I have never felt that compulsion for ‘more’ like I once did, I am happy to run my Natalie Dormer site and don’t care if it ends up being my only site I run.  I do have a Margot Robbie and a site on period drama films and tv that I am slowly collecting for, but I am in no rush to release them, and will do it when it feels right and if it never happens, I am also ok with that because I know from hereon out, whatever sites I do are those I truly adore and not because some crazy compulsion is clouding my judgement.

In a nutshell I learned a life lesson the hard way and thats why my design site disappeared.  It was very freeing and I recommend it to anyone who is addicted to sites because sometimes if you don’t pull off the bandaid you will never see life from the other side and get that reality check.

Anyway I am back designing since I don’t have a bagillion of my own sites to design for anymore.  I do work full-time and won’t be taking on any more clients then I know I can handle.  But with that said I have nights during the week and weekends at my disposal.  The work I do is stressful and mentally taxing so a healthy work-life balance is essential and designing is a great hobby for me to add to my pro-healthy activities I do outside work so that I can maintain that healthy balance.