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  • I only accept PayPal;
  • All prices are in Australia Dollars;
  • Please read the Privacy Policy for information on cookies and how your information is stored;
  • Full payment is required following a preview of the theme/design being sent;
  • Themes will not be released until full payment is received;
  • Refunds are not available after the theme/design preview has been sent to you;
  • I require medium to high quality photos in order to design your header graphic;
  • You are not permitted to re-design my style sheet beyond minor adjustments to match your sites functionality;
  • You are not permitted to use my theme as a base for your own design;
  • You are not permitted to remove my site credit/link back whilst using one of my themes;
  • You are not permitted to claim the theme/design as your own;
  • You agree to not hold me liable for the photos you provide by ensuring a clear disclaimer is on your site that acknowledges the rightful owners;
  • I do not offer technical support outside of the theme/design you have purchased and support is limited to the functionality of the theme itself;
  • You are not obliged to display the theme/design I have made but I will stil add it to my portfolio;
  • Order completion times vary on the amount of people in line, however, on average you can expect completion within a week upon advice that I am working on your order;
  • The secret word is autumnea, if you don’t write this in the correct field of the order form I will know you have not read these rules!